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Desert of Dessert

New Year’s is the time to celebrate.

But what really happened? What was accomplished?

Don’t forget to celebrate the accomplishments that don’t come annually (or automatically). Big or small.

Aren’t those accomplishments more deserving of recognition?

Of dessert?

Certifying Uncertifiable Jobs

If you want to be a writer, you have to write. But you also have to call yourself a writer.

Same with a consultant.

Or a speaker.

Or a coach.

Or an artist.

Or a comedian.

Or an entrepreneur.

You can’t get certified.


Do it.

And say it’s what you do.

Then it’s who you are.

Get Crackin’

What are you going to do today that is:

  • Fun.
  • Challenging.
  • Thought-provoking.

It’s tough to have one thing cover all three.

So, you probably should get crackin’.

How to Build Fans

This blog is daily, Monday through Friday.

The Daily show is daily, Monday through Thursday.

Seth’s blog is daily, everyday.

Saturday Night Live is weekly, Saturdays.

Santa is annually, December 25th.

Notice a pattern?

Consistent delivery of the goods.

You know what to do.

Credibility Words

Some words are not worth saying. Phrases, too.

  • You’re wrong.
  • I told you, so.
  • Just (in the sense of being the only thing, not in the moral sense).
  • Stupid.
  • Honestly (as a preface).

Obviously there’s a slew of more offensive words. They’re not worth saying, either.

But the ones listed above?

They’ll ruin your credibility almost as fast.

What They Really Want

When someone walks into your store, they’re not looking for a new blouse or a baseball mitt or a new car.

They’re seeking something intangible.

  • A new look.
  • A greater edge.
  • An enhanced identity.

Sure, an individual item can help get them there.

But often, it’s the add-ons that get them what they really want.

The necklace to wear with the blouse. The batting gloves to wear with the mitt. The tinted windows on the car.

And when they get what they really want, you have more than a customer.

You have a client.

A client for life.

Remember this When Dealing with Social Media Obligations

Yes, social media sucks to do.

But here’s a good way to look at it.

Social media is how some of your customers, fans, students consume their content and ideas and info. If your content and ideas and info is what they need, it’s your duty to provide it via their preferred medium.

Here’s the reversal.

If you don’t distribute your content / ideas / info via social media, they’re lives will be worse off.

So even though email is more effective, social media is important, too.

It’s your duty.

[HT to Maria Popova]

Offices with Plants

When it comes to having a plant in your office, you have two choices:

  • Have one.
  • Don’t have one.

The former will make you 10-20% more productive than the latter.

Your call.

P.S. Fake plants work, too.

[HT to an uncited yet believably reasonable stat from a lifestyle magazine]