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No Wonder Dogs are the Best

What do dogs think about?

Probably not about the future.

Definitely not about the past.

Dogs think about what’s going on right now.

And they’re usually damn excited about it.

No wonder dogs are the best.


New Response When People Ask What You Do

“What do you do?”

I hear it a lot.

The answer is complicated.


To respond, I’ve used a few tactics:

  1. One word. “Writer.”
  2. Many words. “I run a health and wellness blog.”
  3. Joke. “I drive the Red Line for the CTA.”

The results are usually the same. Several followups with little or no long-term benefit to anyone.

Time for a new method.

That’s What I Do Method

Respond with a question. That question should get an answer where you can respond with, “That’s what I do.”

For example:

Partygoer: “What do you do?”

Me: “How do you find inspiration and advice on staying healthy and well?”

Partygoer: “Well, I listen to speakers, read blogs, and talk to my friends.”

Me: “That’s what I do.”

Partygoer: “Really?”

Me: “Yup.”

Conversation over.

And, they ACTUALLY understand what I do.

AND, there might be some mutual benefit afterwards.

Can’t wait to use it.

[HT to Kiko Doran for this idea]

Three Things Your Words Ought to Be

Freedom of speech.

What a beautiful thing?

But there’s a caveat.

It’s three things your words ought to be:

  • True.
  • Necessary.
  • Kind.

Individually, they’re not sufficient.

Getting all three is.

Bonus points if your words are also inspiring.

[HT to Socrates, Buddhist teachings and The Girl’s little siblings.]

You’re Doing Just Fine

You can compare yourself to:

  • Other guys like you.
  • Other guys unlike you.
  • The guy you thought you’d be.

But isn’t that a waste of time?

Compare yourself to yesterday’s you.

You’ll see you’re doing just fine.

Giving Things Attention

Things will need your attention.

  • An interpersonal conflict.
  • An issue at home that you can’t fix on your own.
  • A boat-load of work that needs to get done before the holidays.

Give these things the attention they need.

But once you have a game plan, they don’t need your attention anymore.


Then, let it go.

Certainty in Decisions

There’s never a good time to make a move.

  • Upcoming plans.
  • Old job.
  • New job.

But as the sun rises, it always comes with new uncertainties.

Embrace THAT as a certainty.

Then make the damn move.