Monthly Archives: September 2014

I loved seeing you this weekend

The days before were more than before. They probably will be next time.

And the moments we have are not like before. But these, I think are better.

I appreciate our relationship more than ever before. L’chaim and to our next reunion.


Sucky stuff

So you have a long walk to work.

Or you get lonely working from home. Or you have to clean up all your employees’ messes. Or you have to go back to school for another year of teaching. Or your inbox is overflowing with replies to your newsletter. Or you have to mow the lawn. Or you have to get on another flight to visit yet another client.

That shit sucks.

But here’s the deal:

Not too long ago, you yearned to be where you are today.

You wanted a drive-free commute. You wanted to work remotely. You wanted to start your own business. You wanted to become a teacher. You wanted to connect with you readers. You wanted your own home. You wanted that job.

Be grateful for where you are. Appreciate that you wanted to be there.

And be proud of earning the right to endure “that sucky shit.”

Your brain

It’s just like your biceps. Or triceps. Or quads.

Work it out, and it gets bigger, faster, stronger.

Let it rest for too long, and it withers away.

That’s right, people.

Your brain is a muscle.

Push it to the limit, and its growth has none.


It seems as though the secret to good speeches, winning in sports, and good relationships is universal.

Yes, these things require practice. And they require bouncing back from failure.

But those are no secret.

The real secret is actually ignoring all the practice and blocking out potential aftermath.

The secret is just being present.

Someone needs to know

When you can’t make it into work, you have two choices:

  • Tell someone who needs to know.
  • Be a no-show.

This morning, I did the latter.

Sure, my work (for this site) is just keeping the promise of an 8 am blog post.

But, no excuses.

New streak starts tomorrow.

And next time, I’ll be sure to call in.

Because there’s always someone who needs to know.

In this case, it was you.

Free fixer

It makes shocking news less shocking.

It makes stressful happenings less stressful.

It makes urgent items less urgent.

It’s time, people.

If you can hang on to the secret, see ahead, and let it simmer for just a few moments, time will work its magic.

And relax

It would be absurd to:

  • Mow one-seventh of the lawn every day.
  • Go to Costco every few days.
  • Clip one finger nail every morning.

These are all obviously absurd.

But, they’re no less absurd than checking email, social media and sales figures every hour.

Set a time. Batch it up.

And relax.


Writer rhyme time

A blog written like a book kinda sucks. Reading it is a chore.

A book written like a blog sucks, too. Reading it is a bore.

So, know you’re audience, writers.

That is unless you don’t want them asking for more.

Hello, Friend!

Have a relationship with a very casual acquaintance. Like a barista? Or the mailman? Or the hotel front desk attendant?

It doesn’t matter if you know their name.

You know them. And they know you.

That makes you friends.

Why not acknowledge it?

It’s Labor Day

Today we celebrate the social and economic achievement of workers.

So if you’re a worker, get off your phone and go celebrate your achievements.

If you’re not a worker, go hug someone who is.

Happy Labor Day.