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Just ask the Godfather

When you need help, you have two choices.

  1. Be a patron. Offer money in exchange for what you need.
  2. Be a friend. Offer appreciation and friendship in exchange for what you need.

It’s one or the other.

And, counter-intuitively, the latter gets a much better response in the short and long term.

Just ask The Godfather.

So, next time you need some help moving, an extra bottle of wine for your dinner party, or a referral, be a friend.

P.S. My website, thrives when the community thrives.

Who can you send my way?

Click here for a pre-written, non-obtrusive email you can use to refer a few friends who are into healthy living.

I appreciate it very much.

Your friend,



Hobby Lobby and SCOTUS: 7 Business Lessons

Here are 8 takeaways from yesterday’s shenanigans of the US Supreme Court’s decision on Hobby Lobby vs. Women, er, I mean, Burwell.

1. Bad press is good press.

Hobby Lobby was not on many people’s radars before yesterday. Now, they’re a household name.

2. Polarizing opinions win hearts and minds.

Hobby Lobby fans, mostly bible belt moms, now are more loyal than ever. Their hearts and minds are won-over forever. And…

3. Stories that win hearts and minds get in the news.

If you’re not triggering someone’s emotions, nobody’s gonna write about you. It doesn’t matter how good your PR firm is.

4. Haters gonna hate.

People who say they will never shop at Hobby Lobby again probably never shopped there in the first place.

5. True conviction is stronger than the truth.

Facts don’t motivate. Genuine belief does. It doesn’t matter if your opinion is loaded with gender bigotry.

6. Strong dissenting opinions are opportunities.

Linens ‘n Things or Joann Fabrics could align with Justice RBG and profit greatly. So could you, if you’re clever enough.

7. Treatment of people is the strongest branding.

Hobby Lobby now sits with the likes of Chic-fil-A, GM (as of recent), VW (as of the Holocaust), et al. Be kind to people, otherwise your brand becomes unkind.