Monthly Archives: January 2014

Because of the people

I don’t use Lyft for the cost savings. It’s because of the people.

I didn’t go to Herzl camp for the outdoors. It was because of the people.

I don’t fly Southwest because of their aviation talent. It’s because of the people.

Successful organizations are not about the product. And it’s not really about the service (despite it’s quality of service being because of the people).

I will continue to use Lyft (instead of Uber). I will send my kids to Herzl Camp (instead of camp Chi). I will fly SWA (instead of Delta).


Because of the people.

Does this exist?

An app for travelers.

Fixes the problem of getting credit cards blocked while you’re traveling. And, it fixes the the problem of having to make more than one (usually several) calls to notify the right people you’ll be away from home.

Two-step authentication would take care of any identity concerns. No different than logging into a client’s system with username, password and a randomly-generating pin from a security token like Google Authenticator.

If this exists, please disregard. If it does not, please take this idea and make millions.

Thank you.

And you’re welcome.

You pick two

2 hours. That’s how long your metabolism jumps after a run.

2 days. That’s how long your metabolism jumps after lifting weights. Little weights count, too, ladies.

No, running doesn’t slow it down. It just doesn’t speed it up like weights (or body weight resistance). So if you like running, you don’t need to give it up. Just add some sprints, or pushups or squats to your run.

American Big Food makes life a challenge. And you gotta eat. But you still have a choice.

Two hours or two days.



Buy someone lunch

Assume you go out to lunch four days per week. Each time, you pay for your own $7 lunch. Four payments of $7 = $28.

Now, assume you buy that same $7 lunch for you and your colleague twice per week. And, they return the favor. Two payments of $14 = $28.

Same cost. But isn’t it nice to treat someone? And even nicer to not bring out your wallet twice per week?


Need, don’t

Need silence to write? Don’t write around people.

Need to stop drinking Diet Coke? Don’t be around soda.

Need to read more? Don’t have a TV in your bedroom.

Getting what you need is easy. Don’t you know?