Monthly Archives: October 2013

What do you like here?

Restaurant servers have all the answers.  What’s in it?  What does it come with?  What does it pair well with?

The best question to ask a server, however, is not factual.  It’s their opinion.

“What do you like here?”

Get their opinion.  Lower their guard.  Start a conversation.

It’s usually fun.  And, since it’s not merely the server regurgitating what they memorized during training, it usually uncovers the best stuff on the menu.

Pop-in ideas

Ideas pop-in all the time.  The concern about pop-in ideas is not, “Is it good?”  Nor is it, “Will it work?”

The concern about pop-in ideas is, “Will I forget?”

So why not write ’em down?  95% chance you’ll never act upon that wonderful pop-in idea.  But there’s a 100% chance you won’t worry about forgetting it.

Do you have your player’s card?

Daily stats.  Looking at your daily stats is so tempting.

What does the scale say this morning?  How many clicks are we at so far?  How close am I to a triple-double?

Looking at daily stats is like going to the casino.  Fun, maybe.  But it depends on how the cards are falling.

What’s certain about daily trips to the casino?  It will eat away at your soul.