What do you like?

When you “Like” an organization’s fan page, what is your message?

Let’s say you “Like” McDonald’s.  That’s great.  You buy their product and are not ashamed to admit it.

Let’s say you “Like” DraftStreet.  That’s great.  You use their service and want to join the conversation.

Let’s say you “Like” lifeisnoyoke.  That’s great.  You appreciate their content and want more.

The message varies when you “Like” an organization’s fan page.  The result, however, does not.  “Liking” a fan page is a recommendation.  A recommendation to your entire network.  And their network.  And their networks.

That’s change-the-world stuff.  Powerful.

So, what organizations did you “Like” today?  My recommendation is that you think about it.


NOTE: When published, McDonalds, DraftStreet, and lifeisnoyoke had 29M, 5k, and 200 “Likes”, respectively.

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